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As a holistic center not only focused on the psychological and emotional growth but also on your overall well-being, we are here to join you in your journey towards wellness.

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View our therapists profile to ensure that the expertise, approach to therapy and working style is suitable for your concerns.

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Click on the “Book an appointment” tab and firstly, read our terms and policies carefully.Then check for available time slots.

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Have a consultation with our therapist to fix up a treatment plan and therapy approach.

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Plan and ensure to attend your follow-up sessions. Remember, any counseling or therapy is a process which happens across sessions.

Booster Sessions

Once you have been able to overcome your difficulties, plan for booster sessions and we would terminate therapy eventually.
About our psychologist

'Prioritizing mental health is like prioritizing ourselves!'

Ms. Purva Kadaganchi

M.Phil in Clinical Psychology (NIMHANS, Bengaluru)
With a working experience of more than 6 years in the field of mental health, she is extremely passionate towords her work.

She has undergone thorough training in providing psychotherapy and conducting psychological assessments Over the years, she has gathered extensive knowledge and vast experience of working with varied clinical diagnoses and mental health concerns across age groups.

She is fuelled with the zeal to provide a safe space for individuals and to help them thrive.


Success Stories


Success Stories



Asked Questions

What happens in counseling or psychotherapy?

Counseling or Psychotherapy is a form of intervention based on extensively used theories, models and principles of Psychology (how humans think, feel and behave). It is a process in which you and your counselor/therapist would work together towards indentifying and understanding your current concerns, setting goals for therapy and resolution of your difficulties.

  • What is psychological testing?
    Psychological tests help determine the nature and severity of problem, and identify personal characteristics and tendencies.
  • Will my information be kept confidential?
    While abiding to ethical principles and guidelines prescribed for psychological services, we respect each individual’s right to privacy and confidentiality.
  • Does a psychologist also provide medicines?
    No, a Psychologist is the one who holds a minimum of a post-graduate degree (M.A. or M.Sc.) and is trained in providing psychotherapy and psychological testing. Medicines are and can only be prescribed by Psychiatrists.

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